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Having an international business its important that our suppliers are responsive and understand the end to end process. With Natasha we get this and more. She has assisted us with web design, package design, logo development, email campaigns, web banners the list is endless as are her skills. She understands the demands of our business and is super fast, comes up with great ideas, amazingly inspired designs, and will put in the time required with a smile on her face. Working with her is a delight and I have worked with many difficult designers in the past. Natasha is a breath of fresh air and meetings are always enlightening and fun. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Chey Birch – Creator
Black Chicken Remedies

Having worked as a Television Presenter, Producer and Writer for the last decade for both TVNZ, TV3, various advertising agencies and a number of high profile campaigns, I’ve spent hundreds of hours with graphic designers. Therefore, I feel I’m more than qualified to speak to Natasha Solley’s expertise.

In my opinion, she is outstanding.

Her ability to transform clients’ visions into tangible artwork is unsurpassed. Her skills as a designer are innate and to top it all off, her enthusiasm for her job is utterly infectious.

Natasha has a rare gift to be able to design and present high-end concepts at light-speed, often before I’ve requested them. This is an extremely rare quality in my fast-paced deadline-focused environment and I can honestly say working with Ms Solley is a genuine treat.

I’m currently working on an international creative project and Natasha was my first choice to helm the design process. Yet again, I was blown away by her design nous, attention to detail and silky smooth lines of communication.

Sam Pease – Television Presenter – Author
When I held concepts in my head for my website and related graphic’s, I saw them as a set of resolved images.

Being a picture thinker is asset when I’m working on project myself but it has been challenging when I’ve worked with graphic designers and website specialists in the past, largely because their interpretation of my brief was not congruent with what I wanted.

Working with Natasha however is a totally refreshing and transformative experience.

Where designers in the past have been reluctant to work with the images and suggestions I provided, Natasha has been welcoming and encouraging. I’m not sure if it’s because she likes my suggestions, in fact it doesn’t matter, it’s her approach and enthusiasm that makes working with her sheer joy.

She speaks in language you can understand and won’t confuse you with lingo.

She will keep asking what you are trying to achieve, because she is committed to offering you solutions that achieve your intended business result and not just supply your site with plug-ins that are either cool or clever.

Silvana La Pegna – Self transformation teacher & mentor

“What an amazing job she did from the brief she was given.

Out of all the New York options we had Natasha came out on top and delivered, she brought my vision of the book cover to life and damn well!

I would fully recommend Natasha to anyone. Total happiness, we’re really impressed with her work and she is such a joy to work with.”

Angelique Papadelias – Author Arjun Rising

Natasha Solley is a creative, intuitive, genius, when it comes to web design & marketing integration. Natasha can capture your vision with clarity and put them into reality. She has the ability to see the big picture of the essence of what you want to achieve.

She works from the heart, easy to deal and work with.

I highly recommend Natasha Solley’s Graphic Design & Marketing communication to anyone.

Estelita DC Pearce – Counsellor of Wellness, Educator, Speaker